300 Bowl

300 Bowl 1.0

Bowling game for Palm PDAs


  • Addictive
  • Wide ranging difficulty settings


  • Slightly repetitive

Very good

300 Bowl is a fun little game which, while deceptively simple at first, will keep you coming back for more. Its attractive graphics, easy to learn (but hard to perfect) gameplay and multiplayer mode all make for an addictive and enjoyable game which you’ll be reluctant to uninstall.

The most important feature of any game like 300 Bowl is the gameplay. It’s naturally pretty difficult to take all the technique and nuance of real life bowling and put it into a 240x320 touch-screen without losing some of the essence of the game, which is why 300 Bowl’s curve sensitive controls make for a rich and ever changing game experience. Jason Goldman has designed the controls to become more sensitive, and the strike zones smaller, as the difficulty is set higher… meaning that however experienced you are, 300 Bowl should offer a decent challenge.

Weighing in at only 874 KB, 300 Bowl is a small but perfectly designed game which you’ll be grateful for whenever you feel the need to go bowling, even if you’re at work!

Bowling with 3D graphics, a natural throw style, fully animated fast paced gameplay. Throw the ball straight or with a curve, change the length of the lane oil, and forget your bowling shoes!

300 Bowl's features include:

  • Play alone, against the computer, or with a friend
  • 8 Levels of "Throw Difficulty"
  • Computer opponent with 8 levels of difficulty
  • Auto save/resume
  • Adjustable volume
  • Adjustable lane oil length
  • Adjustable animation speed

Practise your bowling in this fun simulator!

300 Bowl


300 Bowl 1.0

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